By Ed Schwartz

I guess the best place is to start is with “why this book can help you” and “why you should listen to me”. Well, I have been an entrepreneur my entire life however I had no training or formal education, I learned, failed, and grew on my own dime. I have spent my entire working career starting companies from scratch and I have amassed an enormous amount of experience mostly from learning, doing the work and hands-on in every aspect of my businesses.

Entrepreneurs don’t get a pay-check and most have no security blanket to fall back on!  A paycheck is a trap for most people who want to have their own entrepreneurial dream.

Over the last 30+ years I have launched more than 25 companies in the food & beverage and consumer products market. I would like to say they all were smash hits, but the truth is I failed a lot, I succeeded too, but my real learning was from my failed experiences because things happened that I was unaware of or unprepared. I decided to write this book for myself as a personal look-back, an evaluation of my working career and it turned out that my experiences could be more than a “How too” but a one-on-one connection to people deciding to make a huge commitment to being an entrepreneur.  I share more of my journey not just the winners but the ones that taught me to understand how to change and adapt and to not let anyone stop me. This book is not a fluff book on ‘do this and you will succeed”; no, this is real world hands on advice and information to help you think like and act like a leader, risk taker, innovator and entrepreneur.

It’s not done yet, but a work in progress….