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Early stage investing, planning, and growth is the most critical time in the evolution of a business. The Eddie Black Group has decades of experience working with start-ups. EBG engages companies early in their life cycle to provide the resources necessary to scale. Working with private and public companies, EBG has the knowledge and experience to help your project meet the demanding expectations of investors, vendors, and customers. Decades of leadership and experience allow the EBG team to ‘shorten the learning curve’ and prepare you and your company to succeed in new and emerging markets. By collaborating with owners and C-level executives, EBG has invested capital directly into projects, as well as access to new capital markets.

Since 1990 the EBG has been part of dozens of early stage start-ups in the public and private sector markets…(some with great success, some … not so much!).


Spending over 30 years working with Early-Stage businesses, the EBG has access to the investment community. We evaluate opportunities based on; Concept/Product, Management, Consumer Education, Needs Assessment and Capital Requirements. In many cases we commit the early seed capital to better evaluate guide and assess a company.


The EBG provides a highly focused approach to business building. We seek out businesses in Food and Beverage and CPG. Our team works directly with ownership or c-suite management to ‘shorten the curve’ to growth and scale. Focus and execution, not hard work, are the drivers necessary to stand out in a highly competitive business landscape.

Brand Development

The Eddie Black Group provides a concentrated “Scope of Services” geared towards Entrepreneurial and established brand start-ups, the key to promoting your company your products and services.

We are a Hands-On team that works with entrepreneurial clients providing a ‘touch-point’ to all aspects of your business.


Clients & Projects

HillBilly Beverages

Acquired the licensing rights and took HillBilly Beverages private.


Used by manufacturers to produce very high-quality Edibles infused with CBD and THC

Moon Dust Munchies

Freeze-drying gives candy a unique twist with Moon Dust Munchies, enjoyable for all ages.

Company Story

Eddie Black Group engages Early-Stage companies both in the private sector and public markets to assist them at many stages of development. Decades of leadership and experience allows EBG to offer an array of services to prepare for expansion into new and emerging markets or to scale existing opportunities. Working side by side with owners and C-Level executives, the EBG team provides resources, connections and experience. In many cases over the years, EBG invests directly into projects, as well as assists clients with access to Capital Markets, Sales focus and Marketing strategies. The EBG team only succeeds if our client/partners succeed through our combined efforts. Our management team each has more than 25 years’ experience working side-by-side with C-level executives. Our founders each have over 40 years’ experience. The EBG has designed, developed, launched, taken public and/or sold, in excess of 25 business (some with great success, some … not so much!).

We are a Hands-On team that work with entrepreneurial clients providing a ‘touch-point’ to all aspects of your business.