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If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you probably already have a pretty good idea of the skills set required.

Mission, initiative, sales, marketing, planning, finance, technology, strategy, and branding are among the most common. There are a few other unexpected skills that entrepreneurs will need to succeed, you just might not be thinking about them yet.

No matter what stage your business is at, the right business coach can help you work smarter more focused and progress faster. An Entrepreneurial business coach can deliver a wide range of fresh perspective from experience, industry and other channels. You need to enhance your personal and business skills and empower and  coach your team to ‘real’ growth and ‘real’ change! Leading People is a skill, a science and an art form! An Entrepreneurial coach/consultant will sharpen your skills and those of your team.

Eddie Black consultants have years of expertise across exacting fields of study and practice. The ability to solve problems, create strategy or identify opportunities and weakness create our value. A fresh perspective may seem logical and simple but if it was, everyone would do it! Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can add value, solutions or identify critical pressure points affecting your business!

The Eddie Black Group provides a concentrated “Scope of Services” geared towards Entrepreneurial and established brand start-ups, the key to promoting your company your products and services.  Having dozens of start-up companies to our credit the Eddie Black Group can  deliver powerful branding while managing the process. From start- up entrepreneurs looking for ‘the right path’ to existing brands looking for fresh perspective or simply stay relevant it is important to have the right message and the right look! …Looking  good takes work!

A strong foundation can support a great idea; a hammer can knock down a foundation built on poor leadership!

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I have known Ed Schwartz for 30+ years and consider him an industry leader. Ed has worked on many assignments for me during my 19 years with Costco Wholesale. Ed delivered results in food service, R&D and equipment helping launch many product releases. I continue to trust Ed with projects and will continue to send opportunities his way.

Andrew Jacobs

I have known Ed now for several years now as a business partner and associate. Ed has a unique understanding of business development, presentations and knowledge of the food business and manages each meeting extremely professionally .  I can think of no one I would have rather gone into these meetings with.

Steve Hartman
Executive Director

Ed is a talented and innovative consultant, speaker and entrepreneur.  His organizational skills, expertise, dynamism, and passion are a cut above, and probably one of the reasons he’s succeeded in our industry for so long.  I highly recommend him for any opportunities to partner with your organization. 

Win Davis
Win Davis
Executive Director, Hotel F&B Leadership Association

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